About Us


Community spirit is at the heart and soul of our company. We are passionate about creating amazing products that make our customers happy. We value openness, trust, hard work, integrity and collaboration.

Kool4School, the company behind the FIS Fanshop, was founded by Mike Jones and Sandra Babbs: parents, entrepreneurs and creators, passionate about making the world a better place.

We have been connected to the FIS for many years, as families and active PTO members and wanted to do more. Founded on values of quality and sustainability, the idea for a branded school identity that reflects the amazing community feel was borne.

With professional backgrounds in Marketing and Retail we worked closely with the school leadership team and the entire school community and came up with what is now the FIS Fanshop.




Quality products and our impact on the environment are paramount for everything we do. We are not about fast fashion but about community building and it is important to us to protect and support our communities. 

Organic cotton and recycled materials

The quality of the materials we use reflect the values of our school and our community. All products are made from organic cotton and recycled materials to ensure long lasting high quality in the most responsible and ethical way.

Make it sustainable and support local business

We work with a local company in Herzogenaurach that means we can support local businesses and local jobs and do our bit for the environment. Given the proximity to the production facility we reduce transportation and CO2 emissions.


One very important strategic pillar of the Franconian International School is to provide and to build a caring and cooperative community for all families and staff. The importance and power of a strong community and how much we can achieve when we work together has been particularly evident over the past years.

In his welcome statement on the school website Liam Browne, Head of School at the FIS, explains: “As a school we are inspired by this vision and to extend this principle of community further; to realize that by learning and living together with respect, each one of us within the community becomes greater in terms of actualizing our individual potential.”

Kool4School and the idea for the ‘FIS Fanshop’ was born from exactly that realization; that together we can create a feeling of belonging and of being part of something good, taking pride in who we are and what we do.

The FIS collection is one way for students, parents and staff to show a sense of community and pride at the FIS, whether at field trips, GISST competitions or simply on an everyday basis. Of course, it’s not the clothes that make a community, but perhaps they help a little bit to pull the community together inside and out – from the very youngest student on their first day, all the way to the graduates about to conquer the world.

Kool4School is very proud to be the official FIS license partner and part of the FIS community.